Time to face challenges and take decisions

The Rybakov Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established in 2015 by Igor Rybakov and Ekaterina Rybakova. It seeks to fulfill the long-term goals of Russia by tapping into finest qualities of its citizens. The Foundation is a proactive philanthropy: it identifies the objectives that will advance Russia, and then initiates and develops in house programs to fulfill them. The Rybakov Foundation's projects help Russians to work better and learn from each other. They open new channels of communication and bridge gaps between different social groups.
The Foundation wants a Russia where business leaders collaborate with academics; economists teach financial basics; builders play a key role in a district's life; the initiative of teachers inspires a national program; and a student's bright idea can grow into a socially-responsible business. Cooperation with our partners, other foundations, state institutions, private companies, and individuals promote the exchange of experiences and a practical approach. Finally, the Foundation fosters the tradition of family philanthropy in Russia.

Ekaterina Rybakova
Co-Founder and Board of Directors member
Igor Rybakov
Co-Founder and Board of Directors member
Elena Ulyanova
General President
Our goal is to foster social and economic changes. You can give hungry people fish everyday so that they forget what labor is. You can even give these people fishing rods. But ponds and lakes may be swamped and have no fish. To make sure that everybody is fed, we may need to change the whole fishing industry. This is what the Rybakov Foundation is aimed at - fostering changes in social and economic ecosystems.
— Igor Rybakov