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Since its establishment in 2015, the Rybakov Foundation has enhanced the sustainability of communities both locally and worldwide. Through its programs, the Foundation has supported and developed numerous educational, entrepreneurial and social impact initiatives. We realize that addressing critical challenges and opportunities is an evolving global process. Our work is directly affected by global trends which require that we remain in constant dialogue with international experts, organizations and institutions. In our work we therefore cooperate with colleagues all over the world across subject areas.

We are constantly broadening programs and the communities we support. We welcome potential partners who take a systems change approach to the world biggest problems and have imagination to effect long term change. Partners who are strong collaborators, dedicated, self-aware and adaptive. Partners who are changing the world. To join our initiatives, please contact us via

Institute for Advancement of Economic Growth

Russia, Moscow 125284
31A/1 Leningradsky ave,
+7 495 150 4074