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Educational Program
Our educational program addresses needs and gaps in educational services. It also introduces new initiatives on local, regional and global levels. These communities bring together bright individuals willing to cooperate so as to magnify the impact of their expertise.

The National Open School project was launched to improve education in Russia by using the latest pedagogical and tech approaches. Its goal is to strengthen the role of the teacher in education process through the use of specially designed software (e.g. animated movies, games, and interactive exercises). The National Open School platform contains more than 10,000 short videos, simulators and other exercises. We want children and teenagers to learn faster and with pleasure. We want teachers to improve their teaching techniques. That is why we have designed our platform based on proven teaching methods. You can learn more about National Open School here (currently, only the Russian version is available).
L.S.Vygotskiy competition
The competition's aim is to promote modern methods and technologies in the field of preschool education by supporting both active teachers and undergraduates in early childhood education and other pedagogical degrees.
You can learn more about the competition here (currently, only the Russian version is available).

The Early Childhood Education project is a national network for the development of children in preschool. The project aims to bring about a great understanding between children and their teachers and parents.
With the great help of Elena G. Yudina, the author of the Otkrytiya program and Elena V. Bodrova, famous for creating Tools of the Mind, we have developed a new program for early childhood education. In 2017, the program will launch in a number of kindergartens in Moscow.

The annual KivO Innovation-in-Education competition is run by the Rybakov Foundation along with the National Research University and the ASI. The entrants in the competition take part in a summer school where their projects are developed and then reviewed by educational and business experts. The project then comes before a jury, and potential investors.
You can learn more about KivO is here (currently, only the Russian version is available).

Edcrunch is a unique online platform and offline event for communication and interaction between those interested in the development of education all over the world. It brings together Russian and leading foreign professionals, and edtech evangelists to work on new approaches to education for both children and adults.
You can learn more about EdCrunch here.

The i-Teacher project seeks to identify and supporting the most talented and progressive schoolteachers in Russia. It provides support for teachers in developing extracurricular activities and/or integrating IT resources into the learning process.
You can learn more about the i-Teacher here (currently, only the Russian version is available).
Social Program
Social program is aimed at improving opportunities for people in Russia and all over the world so that they have access to knowledge and skills that allow them to excel in a fast-paced and competitive world.

Our mission is to increase the social impact of women's leadership in economic and social spheres. Our goal is to help emerging woman leaders to unleash their leadership potential. We are interested in agents of transformative change in economic and social spheres, who believe in trust and cooperation.
Our objects are to create profound and sustainable network, increase communication to make women's voices heard and develop a culture of respect for women's achievement.
You can learn more about Pro-Woman here (currently, only the Russian version is available).

The "Mentori" National Mentoring Resource Center ("Mentori") is an ecosystem where the older generation is able to share its experience through mentoring. We believe that mentoring is an incredibly powerful tool to discover the full potential of both mentor and mentee. Mentoring promotes leadership skills and volunteer initiatives. It also decreases the number of college drop-outs.
Our goal is to provide orphan houses, schools, NGOs, companies, universities and other organizations with information, consultancy services and other resources needed for effective mentoring.
Mentors offer online platform, a basic methodological package with a tool-kit for launching mentoring programs and educational and professional support for program administrators.
You can learn more about Mentori here (currently, only the Russian version is available).
Entrepreneurial Program
Our entrepreneurial program partners with Russian and foreign government agencies and institutions, private organizations, educational centers and individuals to engage in the communities they serve and build a self-sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

National Entrepreneurship Network ("NPS") is an association of like-minded people aimed at promoting entrepreneurial spirit in Russia and worldwide. We believe that human progress depends on our ability to tap into the entrepreneurial spirit from youth and channel the unique talents, passions and ideas we each possess. Our mission is to provide structure and encouragement for students interested in becoming entrepreneurs. NPS creates and develops entrepreneurial ecosystems at universities in strong partnership with state institutions, commercial companies, public organizations, development institutions, and successful entrepreneurs.
You can learn more about NPS here (currently, only the Russian version is available).

R2. Personal Board of Directors (R2) brings together business owners and top managers of equal financial level and business position into peer-groups. R2 members meet monthly to discuss business issues and support each other in an atmosphere of absolute confidentiality. The meetings are run based on the approach that has worked for sixty years.
R2 unites those who desire to share their insight and expertise to educate and transform other business leaders in their communities. They ensure that core values, such as trust, business ethics and integrity are respected and implemented into everyday activities.
You can learn more about R2 here (currently, only the Russian version is available).

Running a business is appealing, but daunting. Equium supports young entrepreneurs with high potential who are struggling to take the next step by matching them with experienced business owners. We match them in small motivated teams so that they may brainstorm business ideas, develop a business plan, work toward financial and non-material backing, and find best ways of progress.
Our mission is permanent improvement of entrepreneurial ecosystem by multiplying smart investments, strengthening relations between bright entrepreneurs of different generations, and securing access to expertise.
You can learn more about Equium here (currently, only the Russian version is available).

Our mission is to create a community of the most talented and bright students and academic and business leaders of entrepreneurial spirit to transform lives and build sustainable community.
Under the supervision of business and universities, students work on social entrepreneurial projects aimed at improving lives of their communities. The work is done through national competitions with the support and encouragement of faculty advisors and a local business advisory board.
The competition enables progress, encourages creativity and provides all kinds of rewards, ultimately leading to stronger projects and more lives improved.
You can learn more about Preactum here.

Fund of Russian Economics ("Fondre") puts efforts into selecting students who proved to be leaders. They have a broad range of backgrounds, talents and interests. Through its support, Fondre provides selected students with extraordinary educational resources, unequaled networking, and participation in extraordinary events that make their personal leadership journey unforgettable.
Today's best students are tomorrow's business leaders. Our mission is to secure that they get ready to inspire personal, business, family and community growth.
You can learn more about Fondre here (currently, only the Russian version is available).